Lake Powell Triathlon (Olympic), 2010

Total time: 2:28.25 Swim: 0:24:41 T1: 0:03:31 Bike: 1:10:45 T2: 0:01:33 Run: 0:47:55 Lake Powell is an amazing setting and a great place to have a triathlon!  This is the second time I’ve done this race and just really love it.  This year our local tri club decided to make this a club outing.  Many […]

Utah Half Triathlon (Relay), 2010

Total time: 5:35.24 Swim: 0:42:39 Peter T1: 0:01:05 Bike: 2:54:06 Troy T2: 0:01:10 Run: 1:56:24 Paul (me) A recap of the Utah Half-iron distance triathlon coming soon… Tweet

Hobble Creek Half Marathon, 2010

Here are the basics of this race… Bib #1312 Division Place: 35th Time: 1:43:28 Pace: 7:54 min/mi View all the results for 2010 Hobble Creek Half-Marathon. Tweet

Daybreak Triathlon (Olympic), 2010

Recap of the Daybreak triathlon coming soon! Tweet

Spring Sprint Triathlon, 2010

Recap of the Kearns Spring Sprint Triathlon coming soon… Tweet

Icebreaker Triathlon (Sprint), 2010

Icebreaker recap coming soon… Tweet

Lake Powell (Sprint), 2009

Total time: 1:25:47 Swim: 00:14:47 T1: 00:05:05 Bike: 00:40:16 T2: 00:00:51 Run: 00:24:46 Division: 1st Place, Overall: 19th. This race was my official foray back into the world of triathlon. It was really sort of an accident that I ended up doing this race. A friend had challenged me earlier in the year to do […]

My First Triathlon a Long Time Ago…

It seems my first blog post should probably be about my first triathlon.  It was August 16, 1986 (yes, I know that makes me sorta “old”) and it was the Heber Valley Triathlon.  The distances were, if I remember correctly, a 1.2 mi. swim, 42 mi bike, and a 10 mi run.  I need to […]