New Swim Workout

Here’s a nice little swim workout I found over at TriathlonLab’s blog… queue this up for Wednesday morning! Warm-up: 200 m swim 2 x 100 kick, no kick board–back, R side, L side, back 4 x 100 drill/swim–50 drill of your choice, 50 swim Main set: 5 x 200 N/S each 50 (Negative split each […]

Why Are You Walking Like That?

This was the question my wife asked today… “why are you walking like that?!”  She was watching me walk up the stairs and I guess I looked like some stiff, hobbled-over old man.  I just grunted and stammered that I was sorta sore I have been trying to do strength training on the legs during this winter […]

Camp Keena in St. George

Yesterday, the MLK holiday, I returned home from a 4-day training camp held in St. George by Coach Keena.  It was a great preview of the Ironman St. George course and we had several days of unbelievable weather, great training, and some good coaching and insights into how to be better triathletes. Friday consisted of of travel to […]

Moving on

Finally, the holidays are behind us!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas season and all that it represents but this year seemed a little off.  Not really sure why but somehow it feels good to have the weight and stress of the season over with and looking forward to the new year. This […]

A Little Inspiration, Please!

Felt great today — good little workout with some weights and then 20 mi on the bike and a quick 30-min run afterward.  Energy was good but…. The winter training hasn’t bothered me yet, until today.  There was a distant, nagging feeling in the back of my mind.  Started to have that anxiety feeling, the […]

Getting back to base-ics

Winter is a tough time for people to train. I love getting out side on the bike and for a good run or even going to the lake for a weekly open-water swim. Now, I’m basically relegated to the indoor pool, exercise bike (or trainer or spin bike), and mostly the treadmill. Everything I read […]

Two Days Post Wipeout

Couldn’t swim today because the scrapes and cuts are still too fresh.  Plus, it will probably gross-out anybody else in the pool!  Mon & Wed are my usual swim days; I still got up at 4:40 a.m. and head to the gym.  Got there a smidge after 5 and wanted to get a good cardio […]

The Day After

After yesterdays bike crash I was pretty mad – just mad that I let it happen.  Mad that my favorite jersey and my favorite (not to mention expensive) jacket is now garbage.  Don’t feel like I can just go out and blow a bunch of money to replace everything.  So, that may mean no outdoor […]

A Few Days Off, Back to Work!

It was great to be back at it early today.  This past weekend was a big-fat zero for workouts.  After being worn down throughout all of last week I didn’t get up Saturday until about 9 a.m.  Too much to do with Christmas fast-approaching and lots of little projects that have been pushed off.  So, […]

Felt Like Superman

Don’t know the rest of you are with your training but I definitely have days where I feel absolutely worn-down, weak, and like my limbs are made of lead.  Then, there are other days, like today, where I feel like an absolute super hero. I started today with some strength training.  A good set of […]