Dog Town Half Marathon

We headed down to St. George this past weekend for some sun and a little run on Saturday in the Dog Town Half Marathon.

The race started at 9 a.m. (which was nice because I didn’t have to get up super-early!) and the race was really well organized with a prompt start. I decided to run this race as it is part of the “runner’s series” and will be the last race I need to do in order to get a guaranteed entry into the St. George Marathon in October. Also, the Canyonlands Half-Marathon is 3 weeks afterward and this would be a good warm-up race for that — I needed to see how I feel at this distance and get an idea of my paces, etc.

The course is mostly through Coral Canyon and through some residential and somewhat rural areas — on the whole a great course with plenty of beautiful scenery to make it enjoyable. Its a downhill course but the grades aren’t too steep – there were a couple of short stretches that had a good slope but mostly gradual downhill.

I started out holding back a little but half-way in I felt really good and picked up the pace a bit. Then for the last 2 miles I pushed hard to see what I had left and finished with a time of 1:48. I was most pleased with how I felt after cooling down at the finish line — felt really good, not too fatigued, etc.

In past runs of this distance I’ve felt entirely spent at the end and feel like I’m just dragging myself across the finish line. Then I just want to nap the rest of the day. Instead, after this race, my wife and I spent the afternoon on a nice 20-mile bike ride from St. George out to Ivins area and back. We stopped at a great little place called the Icebox for some hot soup. It’s mostly an ice cream & frozen yogurt place but they had great soup in a bread-bowl and the calories really hit the spot!

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