Moab Half-Marathon, March 19, 2011

First race of the year and I’m a little stressed-out about it. Shouldn’t be, I’m probably in the best running shape I’ve been in for many years. It’s just that I NEVER feel ready for these shorts of things! Always lots of jitters and stress. I guess the key is to take that nervous energy with you and make it work for you when you’re an hour into the run and starting to feel tired! Updates after the race will follow….

Post-race Update:
We made a quick trip down Friday afternoon, had a great carb-rich meal at Pasta-J’s in Moab and then headed out on Pot Ash Rd. to Wall Street to watch the climbers.

The weather Saturday was overcast and breezy in town. We headed over to the park for the bus pick-up and spirits were high among those in our group. Great time getting worked-up for the race and riding the bus up the canyon.

I’d heard reports of how freezing cold it usually is up the canyon so I was well prepared. However, it turned out to not be too bad; just a little chilly. We were all nervous though as the winds were pretty strong coming UP the canyon… yes, that meant there was going to be a nice head-wind! I knew I wasn’t going to be getting a PR given the howling wind.

I guess it’s pretty common for all pride to go out the window at big running events like this but I haven’t been in too many so it was a little shocking… men AND women too impatient for the porta-potty lines, just dropping down at the side of the road and letting it fly!

After the gun sounded we took off. Two of our group headed out FAST but I was determined to stick to my plans and try not to get caught-up in the fervor.

The race went pretty good and I really felt great for about 9 or 10 miles, after that I could feel my energy dropping at at mile 11 it really dropped off. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get my gels & calories timed correctly. Should have probably taken more about mile 9-ish. Either way, I plugged it out to the finish line.

Final time: 1:49

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