A Few Days Off, Back to Work!

It was great to be back at it early today.  This past weekend was a big-fat zero for workouts.  After being worn down throughout all of last week I didn’t get up Saturday until about 9 a.m.  Too much to do with Christmas fast-approaching and lots of little projects that have been pushed off.  So, it was a catch-up day at home.  Did some shopping and made the mistake of visiting Cabela’s at about 1 p.m.  There were about a million people there and the checkout lines were about a 30-minute wait.

Sunday is always my rest day so no workouts there either.  We finally pulled out the Christmas tree and while my kids were decorating I seemed to just drift-off to sleep on the couch.  Only a short snooze but I felt much better after my lazy-day nap!  After enjoying Sunday dinner with my in-laws it was off for an early bed-time.  By about 9:30 p.m. I was fast asleep.

So, as 4:30 a.m. rolled around I felt pretty good.  Not too bad pulling-out of my groggy sleep state.  After a quick banana and filling my blender-bottle with some morning nutrition it was off to the pool.  I arrived a few minutes after 5 a.m. and my swim buddy, Doug, was already warming up.

Today’s swim workout consisted of 2×100 warm-up.  3×500 focusing on technique and working on better bi-lateral breathing.  I still am not real smooth when breathing on the left side but am seeing some improvement.  One of the 500′s I used a pool buoy and worked on lengthening my stroke — still trying to get my strokes per lap down around 15.  Took a lesson from local pro Heath Thurston and one of the many good pointers I got was that my stroke was too fast and I could be more efficient.  After the core workout I did another 500 cool-down; slow ‘n steady just focusing on all aspects of my technique and form.  Total yardage: 2200.

After the swim I had time to get in some strength training.  As usual, I did about 15 minutes of core; single-leg planks, ab bench with 35lbs added, invert situps with 45 lb plate, leg lifts.  Followed that with chest/tri circuit and was done by 6:50 a.m.

Post workout nutrition – still wondering what I can do better here… just basically had a recovery protein shake with some extra carbs added in the form of natural honey.  As I’ve been watching my caloric intake lately I think I need to bump it up a bit.  So, I’ve started adding honey.  I get my honey from a friend of mine who owns a premium honey business, Budge’s Honey.  This is the best-tasting honey I’ve ever had!  My daughter, who tells me she hates honey says, “I love Budge’s Honey!”

How can I describe it?  If honey were a rock band most honey would be like… Spinaltap; Budge’s Honey is like Dave Mathews.

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