A Little Inspiration, Please!

Felt great today — good little workout with some weights and then 20 mi on the bike and a quick 30-min run afterward.  Energy was good but….

The winter training hasn’t bothered me yet, until today.  There was a distant, nagging feeling in the back of my mind.  Started to have that anxiety feeling, the one that’s way back there like somebody following you in the midst of a crowd.  There doesn’t seem to be an immediate threat but you know its there and you can feel it.  You sorta hope it will go away but you’re really just kidding yourself because you know it will catch-up to you sooner or later.  I hate that part of the winter… the dread of getting on an exercise bike or on that treadmill one more time when it’s cold and gray outside.  Bleh.

After getting home from the gym and taking care of some business items I started doing some research on shoes, specifically trail running shoes.  Type, <enter>, click, click, click, and I found myself watching a video of something that gave me some inspiration:  Navy SEAL David Goggins.  This guy is just amazing.   He started extreme endurance events to “test his soul”.  He runs 450 miles per week!  My favorite line from the video is where he says,

“I don’t just train for an hour or so, I train until something is uncomfortable, and that’s when you know who you are.”

Enjoy these videos and let me know what you think.


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