Felt Like Superman

Don’t know the rest of you are with your training but I definitely have days where I feel absolutely worn-down, weak, and like my limbs are made of lead.  Then, there are other days, like today, where I feel like an absolute super hero.

I started today with some strength training.  A good set of core exercises followed by some shoulders and upper-body weights.  I was feeling pretty good after that and decided that I’d start my cardio with some time on the bike.

I ride an upright-stationary bike that has power output on it.  I usually like to do 3 x 1 minute intervals with my 1 minute segments targeting about 160 to 165 HR and about 300 watts.  The 3-minute “rest” sections are usually at 140 to 145 HR and 200 watts.  I run those intervals for 60 minutes and find this is a pretty good workout for me.  Whenever possible I always try to run at least 1 mile after a bike session.   I like to run my post-bike mile at about 7.5 min/mi.

Today seemed different and for some reason today I was able to sustain 225 watts (25 higher than my usual) and keep my HR at a good 140 to 145.  I felt good so I cranked up the output during my sprint sections and was pumping out 350 watts.  I kept having to reign myself in as I felt like a had more energy than usual.  My cadence kept creeping up to 110 or so; I usually like to have my cadence around 95 to 100.

After the bike I jumped on the treadmill and started my 1 mile usual deal.  I quickly had 3 miles knocked out and still was breathing slow & steady and was still breathing with my mouth closed and my HR steady at 150-ish.  I bumped up the pace for another mile.  Then I still felt like there was a lot of room to go so I put the treadmill up to a 2.0 incline and 7 min/mi.  That got things pumping.  After 1 mi at the high intensity I was maxed.  I slowed it down to a cool-down pace for about 5 minutes.  After my HR recovered I still felt REALLY good — so I decide to knock out 1 more mile at my normal pace.  Putting in 6.2 miles total.

I’m still trying to figure out why I felt so good.  I haven’t had any rest days and certainly haven’t gotten any extra sleep.  The one thing I’ve changed over the past week or so was the addition of a new supplement I’ve been trying called Extreme Endurance.  It is supposed to reduce lactic acid and increase aerobic threshold.  Well, if today’s workout can be attributed to this product than I am sold!  I have a starter pack that lasts two weeks — after that I’ll have to re-evaluate and decide if I should get some more.  So far it seems like great stuff.

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