Getting back to base-ics

Winter is a tough time for people to train. I love getting out side on the bike and for a good run or even going to the lake for a weekly open-water swim. Now, I’m basically relegated to the indoor pool, exercise bike (or trainer or spin bike), and mostly the treadmill.

Everything I read says that Winter should be your “base” building months.  So, I guess that’s what I’m going to do.  Still no concrete race plan for 2011 so I don’t have any targets yet.  Can I go wrong if I just work on my base?  Really, the thing I’m most worried about is my run; it’s the weakest of the three legs for me and I’ve always told myself that, “I hate running.”  Finally after last year’s efforts I think I’ve gotten over the hump with my running and find that I can actually enjoy it now.  Just need to sit down and figure out what the strategy is now… how much and how often should I be running.  Seems like 10k, 3 times a week would be a good start.  Ah, the challenges of trying to self-coach!  Someday, when I’ve got lots of extra play money I’d love to have a coach do all the “thinking” for my training.  Seems like it would be so nice just to show-up and do the training and workouts — that’s the easy part :)

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