Moving on

Finally, the holidays are behind us!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas season and all that it represents but this year seemed a little off.  Not really sure why but somehow it feels good to have the weight and stress of the season over with and looking forward to the new year.

This past week has been terrible from an eating perspective.  Holiday treats are about my very most favorite thing — I think it started with my mom many years ago when she would make the most gourmet sweets… hand dipped caramels, the smooothest fudge, home-made peanut butter cups, tediously fashioned ‘thin mints’, turtles, the crispest and lightest peanut brittle (may have been a little Davis family secret recipe goin’ on there), and even some divinity on occasion.  The kitchen would be lined with candy tins full of all the holiday cheer.  Now, the torch has passed to my wife and she does an equally amazing job.  Seems that one of her goals is to make more candy than can possibly be consumed by the seven individuals in our home.  The holidays would be a great time for some natural disaster to occur — we’d have so much candy on hand we could just hunker down at home and not even venture out for weeks!

I’ve done my share and tried to consume that candy so it doesn’t go to waste.  Unfortunately, after all the sugar and fat intake I’ve felt old, tired, and sluggish for too long.  Today I finally got back to the “routine” and after some good core and upper-body strength training I actually looked forward to 90 minutes of cardio.  60 on the bike followed by 30 on the treadmill.  It left me feeling comfortably spent.  40 lbs-ago I used to just feel absolutely exhausted after just 30 minutes of cardio (running, circuit training or whatever).  Now, 90 minutes leaves me feeling invigorated, even energized for the remainder of the day.  When I don’t get that heart-rate going for a while in the morning I just feel like a sack of goo all day; plus, the low-back doesn’t ever loosen up either.

I don’t have to make New Year’s resolutions just yet… but this past week has given me a few ideas :)

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