The Day After

After yesterdays bike crash I was pretty mad – just mad that I let it happen.  Mad that my favorite jersey and my favorite (not to mention expensive) jacket is now garbage.  Don’t feel like I can just go out and blow a bunch of money to replace everything.  So, that may mean no outdoor winter riding this winter.  Hello spin bike, trainer, gym bikes… hello boredom!

That anger fueled me into working out today.  I knew the road rash would be uncomfortable and knew I’d get a few looks for others at the gym but I didn’t care — got some strength training in and then ran 5 mi. on the treadmill.  Actually, the road rash didn’t really bother me until sweat started running onto it; that stings.

After a good session I always feel better.  A little better adjusted and de-stressed and a little better perspective on things.  Clothes can always be replaced.  Just really glad I didn’t sustain any serious injuries – crashing at 26 mph could have been oh-so-much-worse.

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