Why Are You Walking Like That?

Photo courtesy Photos8.comThis was the question my wife asked today… “why are you walking like that?!”  She was watching me walk up the stairs and I guess I looked like some stiff, hobbled-over old man.  I just grunted and stammered that I was sorta sore :)

I have been trying to do strength training on the legs during this winter off-season in hopes that my biking and running will benefit.  Thursday is typically when I do my “leg day” — I go hard at it on many different weight machines in the gym as well as lunges, squats, and a few other exercises for hamstrings and hip-flexors.  Normally I have a few days to recover from the soreness… and I’m always sore after doing legs.  However, I decided today (Friday) needed to be my long run day rather than on Saturday — too much to do and I just know I wont get to it.  So… I did 9.5 miles this morning.  I thought I felt ok… but then I sat in my office chair and worked for a few hours without getting up and moving around.  Then… when I finally did try to go up the stairs I really did feel like an old man.

I guess I’m not really sure if I should work my legs in that order… weights, then running.  Maybe I should do my long run day and then do leg strength training a day or two after that.  If anybody has some thoughts… please let me know.  In the mean time I’ll try not to walk like an old man too much :)

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